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Class Zero Scale RC

This rule set is based on the standing SORRCA rules for Class 1 and is augmented to include super scale rc trucks into its own class to allow the ultra scale builder to compete in an event setting that is designed for rc trucks built to the extreme of scale realism. This rule set in no way supersedes standing SORRCA rules and regulations, but to add a new dimension of scale competition for local groups and clubs.

Class Zero

A street legal vehicle with off road style tires with little to no suspension “lift” or major suspension modification.

-No shooter shackles or Z box modifications allowed for leaf sprung trucks. 

-“Modified” 3 or 4 link suspension links and coil over shocks from the factory is allowed.

Ex: RC4WD Cruizer with 4 link instead of leaf springs or an SCX10 (V1 or V2.) with a hard body attached.

General Specs


-Only hard bodies are allowed. No lexan besides windshields and accessories.

-Vehicle must have a windshield that fills the entire windshield frame.

-Full width bumpers as wide as the body are required on the front and rear of the vehicle. Bumpers that are molded into the body qualify. A rear bumper is not required on a flatbed, but adding one to the flatbed will gain the additional scale points.

-The vehicles body must be mostly intact. No trimming of flairs or fenders to accommodate tires. Removing a hardtop are allowed. If the hardtop is removed, a full interior is required.

-Additional pieces made be added to the body to add length or style to the body but fenders and wheel well openings must remain intact.

-No pinching of bodies, front or rear. -Dovetailing is not allowed. -Sectioning or narrowing of the body is not allowed. -Boat sides are not allowed.

-Wheels must be aligned within the body wheel wells (center of wheels to center of wheel wells +/- 1/2 inch total combined) 


-Vehicle must run a full length rail chassis (The rail chassis must be as long as the vehicles wheelbase) for example: Bruiser/Mountaineer, SCX-10, Reign RC K2-3S, 3L, 4, 5, MFM, Trail, CR-01, UTE, Tamiya CC-01 chassis and tub chassis' are allowed.

-Truggies are not allowed, flatbeds with full length rail chassis are allowed. The bed must be as wide as the cab the entire length of the bed. Cab only not allowed.

-All vehicles must have the motor, transmission, and electronics covered and hidden when viewed from the top and sides. Batteries must be chassis mounted and should be hidden from view.


Any realistic scale looking tire measuring at or below 102mm / 4.00" size, including spares is allowed regardless of manufacturer.

-Tire size will be determined by advertised manufacturer specs (tires without available specs will be measured off the truck as mounted on the wheel laid flat).

-The tread of the tires cannot extend outside of the wheel wells more then 1/2 of the tread width, flairs can be added to reach min. spec.

-Tires can never extend beyond the body’s bumpers or the rear of any truck bed. (Any stingers, fairleads, shackles, bolts, etc. are not considered part of a bumper when determining this.)

-No external tire modification is allowed in Class Zero.

-Spare tires must be the same diameter of your drive tires to receive points.

Axle and Drive Train

-Multi axle vehicles allowed and may use more than one front steering axle (front axles are considered any axles forward of the centerline of the skid), no rear steer is allowed.

-No comp style knuckle weights of any kind

Winch and Recovery

-Winches are not needed but highly recommended.

-Any functional recovery tools you wish to use during your run, you must carry it on your rig at all times. EX: tow strap, pull pal, and sand ladders.

-Winching can only be performed off of natural objects (i.e. trees, rocks, etc...), other vehicles, or stakes or winch buddy sticks supplied by the course builder. 

-Winching off of a person such as their shoe or hand is not allowed.

Course design

- Overall course design will ultimately be determined by the group or club. Know the limits of the trucks in attendance and build courses accordingly. 

-3-4 courses per event. 30-40 gates course. 2-3 hour time limit for the overall event.

-Gates will be a minimum of 10" wide (so mind your width).

-flags, tape, banners and boundary rope may be used to mark the course such as in trials courses and mainly used to protect trucks in rocky sections.  

-Stakes and/or Winch buddy sticks are suggested for each course.


-Drivers may navigate each course at their own pace during the allotted event time.

-Drivers may complete as many courses as they like and will only be scored for the courses they ran.

-Once a Driver starts a course they must complete it to get scored for it.

-There is no DNS penalty for courses a Driver does not run.

- Drivers will self judge through the event.

-Driver will turn in their score sheet once they have completed the courses or the end time for the event is called. 

-Driver scoring will be divided into 3-4 categories for the courses they completed. EX: Drivers that completed 2 courses will be scored together,  Drivers that completed 3 courses will be scored together, etc.

-Half of the vehicles scale points will be applied to each course completed for final scoring.

60/30 for Class 1. 80/40 for Class Zero.

Points and Penalties

-Free reverses

-Gates/Boundaries. 10 point penalty.

-Power winch. 3 point penalty.

-Hand winch. 5 point penalty.

No point out.

Scale Points

Scale points are to be awarded at 50% of a vehicles total value (rounded down if necessary)

*No items can be counted more than once unless noted otherwise*

-Maximum points per truck is 80 scale points.


-Flatbed: metal -3, plastic -1

-Drop bed 1.25" or deeper: -3

-Functioning tailgate: -2

-Bed mounted headache rack or roll bar. -metal -2 plastic -1

Interior cage or exo-cage

-3 metal, -1 plastic per row of seats or area where seats would be (vehicle doesn't need an interior to get these points). Cage must have down bars and cross bars in front and behind each row and mounted to the floorboard or wheel well of the body.

Tube accessories

-Sliders: (both sides) metal -3, plastic -1

-Integrated tube shock mounts: metal and brazed/welded to frame -1 (per pair)


(items must be chassis mounted and separate from the body top receive points)

metal -3 each, plastic -1 each

• Stinger/grill guard -1


-Custom built hard body: Full body -6, Cab -3 MUST meet this criteria: Must have 3-dimensional body panels that cover the chassis (not flat panels that bolt in between visible tube work). Must resemble a known 1:1 body. Must be hand formed and fabricated from metal or other rigid material.

-Inner fender wells: -1 per pair.

-Exterior roof rack/light bar: Roof rack: metal -2, plastic -1 • Roof top light bar : metal -2 plastic -1 

Engine bay

-2D detailed engine bay (lexan card insert type.) -3

-3D engine. Must be in a reasonable location and appear to be powering the drive train of the vehicle -5

-3D engine bay components. Battery, radiator, power steering pump, air filter box, etc. -1 point each.


3D interior. 3D interior must include seat, dash, steering wheel and floor.

1 seat -3, 2 seat (or bench) -4, 4 seat -5 . A 3D SUV cargo area will be awarded an additional -1

2D interiors are allowed.  1 seat -1, 2 seats -2, 4 seats -3. • A driver gets an additional -1. No points for passengers

-3 per pair of 3D door cards. -2 lit dash gauges. -2 dome light.

• Driver/passenger must be human, scale sized adult figures. Only available if accompanied by an interior.

-4 Complete Figure -3 Knees Up.

-1 point for 3rd and 4th passengers (Kids OK for 3rd & 4th passengers)

-3 per articulated head. Moving head articulated by servo or other mechanical conveyance

-3 per articulated steering arm. Moving arm on a steering wheel articulated by servo or other mechanical conveyance.

-3 per articulated shifting arm. Moving arm on a shifter articulated by servo or other mechanical conveyance.

Suspension/drive train/steering

-Leaf Springs (Must support vehicles weight, No external shock springs.): -3 ea. / -7 both

-3 per metal axle.

-Multiple axles: 3 driven axles -3, 4 (or more) driven axles -5

-Chassis mounted steering servo: -5 (front)

-Functioning transfer case: -4.


Full coverage tires: -3 per axle.
Points will be awarded for full tire covered by the body and factory molded flares, no extension or add-on flares will receive points.

Realistic exterior items (max -8 pts) Items that are non-functional but you would see on a DD/trail truck.

-Fuel cell, exhaust, jerry can, hubs on all wheels, steering stabilizer, disc/drum brakes on all wheels, mirrors(2), wipers(2), antenna, license plate, fire extinguisher, trail tools (Hi-lift jack, etc.) first aid, etc. -1 each

Functional items (max -10 pts for all items listed) -Tow strap, -D-ring, Pull Pal, sand ladder, hitch, opening doors and hood, spare tire mount, etc. -1 each

-Headlights(2) and taillights(2) -2 for both total.

-3 for functioning marker side lights front and rear.

-Winch: -2 front, -2 rear (max -4). Bumper or bed mounted winches only, no hidden winches.

-Full size spare tire: -4


Must be attached the entire time on course. If a trailer detaches from the truck it must be re attached and rig will be re positioned to the last gate progressed and a 10 point penalty applied.

-5 for woodsmen style trailer. -10 tear drop style camper trailer.