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Crawl Space Scale Adventure Guidelines

A Scale Adventure is just like the name implies, Adventure.

Drivers will navigate their scale rigs through a course marked with numbered gates over various terrain from start to finish. Course time limit: 3-4 hours depending on terrain and location.

Drivers will also be given a mission to complete along with completing the course.

The Driver Mission will be outlined before the start of the course.

Drivers must collect items to complete their mission. Mission Items will be spread out along or close to the course, so keep your eyes peeled.

Bonus items will be placed along the course as well, collect only one of each bonus item to apply to your overall score.

Once your mission items are collected and any bonus items complete the course and check in at base camp to turn in your items and get your score for the day.


Trucks will be divided into the standard SORRCA Class specs, Class 1, 2 and 3.

Scale Adventure Rig Requirements.

-A scale vehicle must be 1/10 car / truck with a scale chassis or custom tube scale chassis. No TVP chassis' (Twin Vertical Plate) comp crawlers, Gen2 AX10's, etc.

-Tires may be 1.55, 1.9, or 2.2, but must be a licensed manufactured tire or knock offs. Tires must resemble the real thing and can be siped or grooved.

-Minimum 10 scale points.

-A tow strap is mandatory & can be used to self recover your truck or other Drivers rigs.

-A winch is not mandatory, but highly recommended.

-Waterproofing is not mandatory, but highly recommended.

-All scale recovery items/tools, must be attached to the vehicle and after their use, be placed back on the vehicle. This includes sand ramps, tow straps, and hi-lift jacks. Real tools may be carried by the driver.

-Class 3 trucks are allowed to use dig and/or 4 wheel steering on course without penalty.

Entry fees and times.

$10 per Driver.

10am check-in, 10:45am drivers meeting and mission outline. 11am. course opens.

Scale Adventure rules.

Rule #1. HAVE FUN! Drivers must navigate the course with integrity. If you hit a gate on course, replace the gate and attempt it again for a clean progress.You are only cheating yourself by not driving the course properly and completing the course and mission.

Rule #2. Safety. Beware of your footing, your surroundings and others around you. One bad slip can ruin anyone's day. Young ones may be running in the event so please watch them as well. If you get hurt to the point of needing care please report back to Base Camp and we will attend to the situation.

Rule #3 Team Up. We encourage drivers to help others through the course and collect items to complete their mission. New drivers are always coming out the the events so lets give them a hand so they can have fun with the adventure. Each driver must collect their own set of Mission Items to complete their mission. Mission items must be carried on the scale rig at all times, no pockets.

Rule #4 NO HAND OF GOD. (HOG) A driver may not assist, stop, catch, or kick his/her vehicle. There are no penalties for reverses, gates or self recovery winching so DRIVE SMART! Drivers may use their winch, tow rope or other truck to recover their rig. There is a 1 point penalty for self recovery with a tow strap.

Performing on course repairs or having to touch your vehicle for recovery purposes is not hogging.

Picking your vehicle up out of water, mud, sand or rolling it over onto its wheels with your hand are all examples of hogging your vehicle and resulting in a disqualification penalty. You must report back to Base Camp in the event of HOG.

Rule #5 Course Direction. A driver can not drive through a gate & reverse back through it to avoid trail obstacles. This will result in a DQ. A course is directional & must be progressed in the intended direction of travel. Reversing through the trail marker in the intended direction is ok & allowed during reverse sections.

Rules #6 Class 1 Bypass. At certain areas of the course there will be a Class 1 bypass marked with yellow flags for class 1 trucks to use to bypass extreme terrain. There will be no penalty for class 1 trucks to use the bypass. Class 2 and 3 trucks may also use the bypass but will accrue a 10 point penalty for each bypass taken.

Scoring and penalties.

Self recovery with a tow strap: 1 point penalty for each self recovery.

Class 2 and 3 trucks taking a Class 1 Bypass: 10 point penalty for each Bypass taken.

You must have all your mission items to complete the course. Driver with the lowest time, all their Mission Items collected and any bonus items gets first place, second lowest time and all Mission Items collected gets second place, etc.

If you can not complete the entire course return back to Base Camp to log the last gate progressed and return the items collected. Mission and bonus item points are awarded only if you complete the entire course.

-Reverse course direction: DQ.

-Hand Of God (HOG): DQ.

Skill Sections, where applicable. 


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